Getting Ready for the Virtual School Year


Summer is in full bloom and while there are plenty more sunny days to enjoy, it also means the kids are getting ready to go back to school. If you’ve recently learned that your kids’ school won’t open for in-person instructions this year, now is the time to prepare your home for a virtual school year. From setting up a comfortable learning space to all the technology adjustments, we’ve put together some tips to help you get your home ready for the new school year.

Find/create a conducive learning space

Can you think of a comfy space in your home you can shape into the ultimate learning space? Flexible rooms like a den or loft are ideal, where you can transform the area by adding desks up against the wall, couches for some well-deserved breaks and even a television, so they can use it to stream videos or hang out and relax after classes are over. If your home doesn’t have a dedicated flexible space, get creative. Consider kitchen islands that have plenty of counter space so your students can spread their materials, dining room table, their bedroom – or take the learning outside and use the patio. After all, your student’s new learning space doesn’t actually have to look like a classroom.

Get your gear

For a virtual school year, there’s a few more materials to consider. The first is a reliable laptop with a camera. Yes, your desktop could work, but a laptop allows for mobility – they can change up their learning space and take their coursework outside for some fresh air, to the dining room table to enjoy a snack or the front porch for a change of scenery. Make sure you also have a power cord and surge protector handy, since you’ll be charging your devices a lot more than usual – plus earphones so your students can focus! And of course, don’t forget the essentials: a whiteboard, writing and art supplies, sticky notes and clipboards, as well as artwork, storage supplies and everything they need to stay organized and create a great learning environment.

Get with the program

Do you know what operating systems or apps your kids will be using this virtual school year? From Zoom to Teams, there’s a lot of features you can start exploring now before they actually begin instructions. Learn how to block out the surroundings to help them keep focus during class or surf the internet for the perfect background image to reflect their personality.

Take five outside

One of the things most students love about going back to school is getting to hang out with their friends again. Although this school year looks different, it doesn’t mean they can’t socialize right from the comfort of their home. Set up a great outdoor space for the kids to hang out outside during their breaks or after school, away from their new learning space and where they can relax and video chat with friends. You can also set up a picnic table so the kids can have lunch outdoors – or a tent for those cool summer nights and star gazing.

Team work makes the dream work

Before setting up shop, talk to your students. Get the inside scoop on what they want and need in order to have a successful virtual school year. Keep routinely discussing what is working and what isn’t. Do they feel cramped and need more space? A better chair? What distractions are they encountering? Get as much feedback from your students and together you can continue to work on a positive learning experience.

Need more space?

If you’re finding it difficult to set up a learning space in your home because there simply is not enough room, now might be a great time to explore something new. Our new homes across the nation are designed for today’s lifestyles and offer the ideal balance for both work and play. From open living areas, beautiful kitchens with plenty of counter space, flexible bonus rooms and more, our homes can provide you with all the room you need to accommodate your new lifestyle.

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