How to plan the ultimate staycation

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Everyone loves a vacation – but when you live in a brand new Lennar home, you might find it hard to leave your private oasis for a plain old hotel room. Discover the pleasures of the staycation, and treat yourself to the relaxing break that you deserve in your very own home and community.

A staycation is much more than a few days of sitting at home – it’s an opportunity to spend some quality time relaxing and having fun with your family, your pets, and yourself. Whether you have a week or just a long weekend for your staycation, it’s a chance to enjoy the present and escape from “real life” for a while.

Just like a real vacation, to make the most of your staycation you’ll need to do a little bit of advance planning and preparation. With these easy tips, you’ll be able to truly unwind and enjoy a rejuvenating staycation.

  1. Set some ground rules, but be realistic. Your staycation is not an opportunity to catch up on emails, work, laundry, and household chores. Many people use a staycation as an opportunity to unplug from social media and their mobile devices. However, banning smartphones and TV for a week is just going to make everyone miserable. Gather everyone together to decide what guidelines you will follow during your staycation.
  1. Prepare your home. You won’t be doing laundry or cleaning during your staycation, so be sure to get everything done the week before. It will be easier to relax and let go if you don’t have a mountain of dirty clothes in your bedroom.
  1. Plan your meals. What will you eat during your staycation? At restaurants? Pizza and take-out dinners? Frozen meals? The cook of the home deserves a break too. Gather local take-out menus to have on hand, stock your fridge with easy snacks, and make a list of local restaurants that you have wanted to try. If eating out the whole time isn’t in your budget, plan ahead the previous week and cook meals that can be frozen and easily prepared. Don’t forget to stock up on paper plates, plastic cups, and disposable utensils.
  1. Decide what you want to do during your staycation. Free time is a crucial component of a staycation, but you’ll also want to plan some fun and relaxing activities. You don’t want to decide to have a movie night, and then have to run to the store for popcorn. Whether you want to have an evening of at-home spa treatments, family game time, or crafting day – make sure that you have all the ingredients you need before you begin the staycation.
  1. Plan on going out. A staycation doesn’t mean that you stay at home 100% of the time. You’ll want to plan some local outings to nearby tourist attractions, parks, malls or museums. Be sure to bring your camera and take pictures of your adventures!

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