Style on a Budget: Thrift Store Tips for Home Decor

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When looking to buy home decor, thrifting may not be top of mind but it can be the perfect solution for homeowners looking to get creative with their decor! Thrifting allows you to style on a budget, find classic and vintage pieces, and express your unique style!

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Below are some thrift store tips you should know when looking to shop for your home decor items.

Stay Focused

Walking into a thrift shop can be overwhelming at first. Make a list you can refer back to while you browse to keep in mind what you need to buy. It’ll make your life easier and keep you from being distracted and buy something you might not have a use for. 

Location is Key

When looking for finer items, search the thrift stores in the more expensive parts of town. Many people donate locally, so you will likely find higher-end items in those areas. However, be aware of the pricing, as these nicer locations tend to be more expensive.

Know the Demographic

Thrift stores in retirement communities tend to house all of those real antique items donated by their elderly patrons. You can find all sorts of gems in these locations and know that each item has its own unique story.

Get to Know Your Location

Visit your local thrift store to get to know what days they receive items, have sales, and place out the new items. By knowing all of this, you can make a habit of going right when they open to have the first pick on all the items recently donated. 

Shop Sales

Even thrift stores have sales, making this affordable option even more appealing! When visiting any shop, ask the employees when they have sales to know when to go back and stock up on items you need. 

Time Your Visits

Spring cleaning and New Year’s are the two times of the year that thrift stores receive the most items. It’s important to be patient and keep trying throughout the year though, as you never know when you’ll find a hidden gem!

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