Tips for Caring for Your Tampa Lawn in Winter

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Ah, Florida during winter. A time of year you can brush your boots and scarves off if the outfit calls for it, slip into a swimsuit and soak up the sunshine by your pool that same week. But while many find the slight drop in temperature something to celebrate, lawns across the state disagree. Why? Because winter’s lower temperatures come with lower light intensity, shorter days, and slower-growing lawns. Follow these tips to keep your lawn healthy, lush, and green year-round.

Forget the Fertilizer

When winter rolls around, your grass will begin to grow much slower. While you may feel like you need to spread fertilizer over the yard to speed growth back up, take a step back and remember that the grass knows what it’s doing. Grass stays shorter during colder months to stay alive, so forcing rapid growth using fertilizer exposes the plant to low temperatures and makes dead grass a higher possibility. Sticking with regular watering ensures that your yard is kept healthy without causing too much growth too fast.

Overseed to Succeed

Once temperatures hit the low seventies consistently, it’s time to overseed. Overseeding your home’s lawn keeps grass green throughout the cold months, and it’s an easy process. Start by raking your grass to clear the seedbed of any debris, then mow at a lower height than usual to give the new plants room to breathe. Sprinkle ryegrass over your whole yard and water regularly. These sprouts will keep your yard green during cooler winter months, then shrink back down in the spring. This cycle means that no matter what the weather, you’ve got a lush, green yard year-round.

Sprinkling, not Standing

During the cool Florida winter, it’s important to keep your grass hydrated. It’s normal to go weeks without rain, so to keep your grass alive and healthy, lightly sprinkle water over your yard regularly. But don’t overwater! Standing water can lead to mildew or fungal growth and encourage the spread of disease throughout your yard. And as always, every yard is different, so monitor your grass and keep your eye on how it’s reacting to the weather and the water.

With ryegrass planted and the right amount of water going into your yard, you’re guaranteed to have a vibrant yard no matter the time of year. For more ways to enjoy a green lawn year round, be sure to Like Lennar on Facebook.

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