4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

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Spring is here! It’s time for longer, warmer days. But with the sunshine comes the time for spring cleaning. Are you ready to tackle the spring maintenance on your home? Here are 4 must-do outside tasks to keep your home pristine and in tip-top shape.

  1. Cleaning Gutters

    Yep. Not a fun task but it must be done. Check for any loose or leaky gutters since improper drainage can cause leakage into your basement or crawl space. Also, look at the bottom of your gutters for any loose granules which could signal your roof may need some repairs. If your downspouts need cleaning, you can easily do this with a hose and a helper to turn on the water.

  2. Inspect the Roof

    While you are already on the ladder doing the gutters, this is the perfect time to take a good look at the roof. Look for curled or missing shingles, roof penetrations, and crack caulk around pipe collars. You can prevent costly roof repairs by catching problem areas early.

  3. Pressure Wash and Repair Old Paint

    Pressure washing is an easy way to get your home looking spick-and-span for spring. And in the process, you can look for any chipped paint or exposed wood. Not only will fresh paint keep your home looking nice but also any exposed wood can quickly rot in the spring rains. Scrape off any chipped or peeling paint and then paint over the exposed areas.

  4. Trim Away Branches

    Get an early start before the trees begin to sprout new leaves and trim back any overgrown bushes or branches. The rule of thumb is to keep branches 5 to 7 inches away from your home. Also the less growth you have around your house, the less pathways small animals have to your roof. Making it harder for them to be able to nest in your attic.

A little home maintenance can go a long way. And with these 4 tips you’ll have a good start on your spring cleaning!

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