Low Maintenance Flowers for your New Home

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Spring is just around the corner, so it’s a great time to start thinking about what flowers to plant now, to enjoy through the summer! Depending on the specifics of your community, your Lennar home came with extensive landscaping, minimal landscaping, or something in between. But no matter what you were provided, it’s nice to add your own special touch. So here are a few suggestions for flowers to plant that will look beautiful, and are easy to care for. 

Daylilies– Add these easy sun-loving perennials to bloom in almost any kind of soil, as long as it drains easily. They’ve been known to thrive up in Minnesota, all the way down to Florida.  Best of all, you can divide them after a time and expand your garden.

Morning Glories– These little beauties are strong climbers and spread easily, so be careful where you plant them or you can end up with more morning glories than you bargained for! To help control unwanted seedlings, mow, rake or heavily mulch the ground underneath the plants.

Lennar Nashville garden tips

Cosmos– They look like colorful daisies and are sure to boost your mood. These annuals are so easy going, they’ll bloom even in poor soils. They like full sun (but appreciate afternoon shade in hot climates) and can tolerate drought once they’re up and growing.

Sunflowers– Sunflower seeds are large and easy to handle, so they’re great for teaching children how to garden or beginner gardeners. You can find sunflowers in many different sizes and colors; they grow happily in sunny gardens.

Roses– When I think of roses, I think of romance, which is why it’s perfect for gardens that need some love. There are so many varieties out there, but shrub roses are where you should start. Plant your roses in a sunny location with good drainage.

If you’re still looking for a new home to start your low maintenance garden in, check out our many communities in the Nashville area. Or, you can reach out to one of our Internet Sales Consultants for more information and schedule your tour today!

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